Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB

Like New

To be classed as Like New the device should:

  • Fully Working device with no software or hardware issues
  • Like new device (does not need to be boxed)
  • Make / receive calls
  • Fully working: Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, Microphone, speaker etc
  • No damage, scratches, chips or marks anywhere on screen or casing
  • LCD on a white screen must be pure and have no signs of discolouration or missing pixels
  • No Water Damage
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google Accounts

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To be classed as Good the device should:

  • Turn on / off (with all buttons working)
  • Have a working touch screen (without cracks or damage)
  • Be fully functional* (light wear and tear** is acceptable)
  • Working screen (no cracks or pixel damage)
  • Have no damage to case (no cracks or chips)
  • Have a fully working operating system (software)
  • Include its battery
  • Battery health percentage must be above 80% - if not the handset will be classified as Average (iPhone only)
  • Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)
  • Make / receive calls
  • WiFi / Camera / Video must work
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google Accounts

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To be classed as Average the device should:

  • Be Fully functional - all parts inc. system software
  • Working Home Button / Finger Print sensor
  • Make / receive calls
  • Heavy wear and tear / scratches (but no cracks anywhere on front or case)
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google Accounts
  • Battery health percentage is 80% or lower that does not require a service. If not the device will be classified as Faulty (iPhone only)

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To be classed as Faulty the device should:

  • Crack or smashed screen
  • Include its battery
  • Be intact - not crushed or snapped in half
  • Not have any missing parts or components
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google Accounts
  • Must power up - (Note: Any Apple or Samsung device with battery health level of 80% or less will be classed as faulty)
  • Battery requires a service from any health % - your handset will show it requires a battery service in the settings, battery menu. (iPhone only)
  • Or is locked to a foreign network
  • Have a replacement non genuine screen prevents the device from working correctly.

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* We cannot accept devices with no power that have been tampered with and / or that we cannot guarantee the safe removal of personal data, these devices will be returned free of charge without notice - read the full terms & conditions.

** Light Wear and Tear consists of:

  • Small scuffs / blemishes to the bezel and buttons
  • Small scratches on the screen that aren’t visible when the phone is held at arm's length
  • Small dents / scratches to the casing

We cannot accept iCloud / Samsung / Google and or password locked devices.

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