How much is my phone worth?

It's a question we get asked all the time…
How much is my phone worth?

Mobile phones are still worth a lot of money, even if they're a few years old or have faults. You can easily get a quote from us with a few simple clicks and we'll lock in your price for 14 days with our price guarantee.

Don't delay, make sure you trade-in today!

It's estimated that Brits have over 50 million unused devices sitting in drawers and cupboards. These phones could still serve a purpose for other people and they can have a second lease of life if you sell your old phone today.

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Disadvantages of selling privately

There are lots of platforms now where customers can sell their old or unused mobile phone, but these methods can come with a variety of problems and headaches. Here are some of the reasons to steer clear of these channels:

Marketplaces such as eBay make their profit by charging sellers to list their phones for sale. You might be able to create a listing for free, but you'll get charged a fee when the item sells, plus if you get paid via PayPal then you may need to pay a further fee to access your money.
There are millions of other people selling their device too - This means that you're listing will get lost in the crowd and it may take you a long time to see the cash OR even sell at all.
This can be time consuming. It takes time to list the item, add images, put a description and ensure you're asking for the right price to attract buyers. You'll also need to answer questions from potential buyers about the device and its condition.
You need to deal with the buyer directly - Lots of people have bad experiences when dealing with potential buyers and this can lead to poor feedback on your account or frustration.
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Comparison vs Network Trade-In

We're not the only company to offer trade-in services to customers. You'll often see that your network provider will happily take your device from you. The disadvantage of doing this is that they'll offer you a much lower value for you old phone, similar to if you're selling a car to a dealership. They are more interested in getting you onto a new phone contract, rather than giving you a fair price for your iPhone or Samsung.

We compared a few popular models against some of the major networks to see what the differences were. In all cases, offered more money to customers, sometimes as much as £84 more!

If you're looking to upgrade to a new phone, make the sensible choice and sell your phone to WeBuyAnyPhone and put the cash value towards that new phone you've been wanting.

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Our Testing & Grading Process

When selling your phone you want to ensure that you're getting a fair evaluation of the device. That's why we use PhoneCheck, an industry leading software provider that does two things:

They provide a full diagnostic test which will check the phones hardware and software to identify if there are any problems or issues. This ensures that every customer goes through the same process.
The software performs a full certified data wipe and erasure, ensuring that your device is cleared of any photos & data.

Our technicians will fully assess your mobile phone and grade the condition of your device to either 'Good', 'Pretty Good', 'Average' or 'Faulty' against what you sold this phone as when you completed the trade-in.

Don't worry if your phone is broken or damaged as we'll still offer you a value.

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Why recycle your device today?

There are a number of benefits to recycling your mobile phone rather than leaving this to depreciate in value. Here are some of the reasons you should act today and get a quote for your old phone:

Phones are a valuable asset - There's more money held in your phone than you probably realise. Make sure you trade-in your device today and lock-in your price for 14 days.
Cash can be used for whatever you need it for - We know that the cost of living is increasing and having some extra cash can really help to pay those expensive bills or clear credit cards. You could also use the money to put towards a new phone.
It's good for the planet - By recycling your phone with us, you're contributing to a circular economy and this means that the phone can be refurbished and passed onto another customer to be used for years to come.
prices can drop

Prices can drop up to £112 in 1 year

You might not be aware that phones drop in value at around 5% per month. We looked at selection of iPhone 12 mobiles over a 1 year period since they were released to see how much the value of these devices drop.

iPhone 12 Mini saw the biggest drop of 23% over the 12 months. This amounts to £112 in value depreciation!

The best way to ensure that you get the most cash for your old device is to sell today and don't delay. Prices can drop without notice, so the price you see today might not be the price you can get next month.

By locking in your price now, we'll guarantee this for 14 days which gives you 2 weeks to get the phone to us before the price drops.

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