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Sell my iPad for Cash

Sell my iPad for Cash

Trade-in your old iPad for cash

​​​​​​​Getting extra money for your used or broken iPad couldn't be easier with Select your model from below and see how much your iPad could be worth.

Get cash towards a new iPad by trading in your old one

If you have an old, unused or unwanted iPad lying around the house or just want to see how much money you can get for your iPad, we'll buy your tablet in a few easy steps.

Apple's iPads have a range of features and are some of the best tablets in the market, but these tech items do de-value in price quickly. See how much you could earn by selling your iPad to Webuyanyphone.

​​​​​​​The extra money could be put towards a new iPad or even help to pay towards your household bills. Plus, you'll be doing your bit for the environmant by recycling your unwanted iPad.

We accpt all types of iPads

iPad prices are dropping each month so it's important that you don't hold off selling your tablet. We want to ensure that we can offer you a fair and competitive price, that's why we monitor competitor prices for iPads to ensure that we pay a high price.

Once you sell your iPad to us, we'll assess the condition of the tablet and run it through our diagnostic software to ensure everything is working properly. If you're iPad was sold as described, we'll pay you 100% of the quoted value directly into your bank account.

We'll even buy broken iPads from you as long as it powers on and isn't bent or totally destroyed. Why not see how much you could earn by selling your iPad.

How to sell your iPad

Selling your iPad is easy. just follow the steps below and see how much you can get

Sell it

Find your iPad, sell it and we'll guarantee the price for 14 days

Send it

Choose how you want to send your iPad to us. Drop it off or we'll collect

Get paid

Once your iPad is received and satisfactorily tested we'll pay you directly into your bank account

Questions about selling your iPad

It's hard to decide what's the best way to get rid of your old iPad but using Webuyanyphone will take the hassle out of the process. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us to recycle your old tablet:  

  1. The price we quote is what you'll get - As long as you tell us the correct model, storage and condition, we'll pay you the amount offered on the website.
  2. Your price is guaranteed for 14 days - We lock in your quote, meaning you only have to return your device within the timescale and even if prices drop, you won't be affected
  3. The process is so easy - Get a quote in 30 seconds, trade in your iPad, send it back to us and once we've tested your tablet we'll pay directly into your bank account
  4. Our postage is FREE and insured for lost delivery for total peace of mind
  5. You'll join thousands of other customers that have got cash for their old iPad

Why not check out our other FAQ's for further questions about selling your iPad

There's a number of benefits to selling your iPad to Here's a few reasons why you should do this today:

  • You're saving the planet - By selling your tablet to a recycling company, we ensure that this is given a second life by refurbishing devices and putting them back into the world. This reduces the carbon impact technology has on the environment...So trade-in and do your bit.
  • You get extra cash for whatever you need it for - Whether you need the money to put towards and new phone or tablet, or just want to pay off some of those bills, Webuyanyphone will pay directly into your bank account (usually within 24 hours) so you can spend it on whatever you want.
  • You're contributing to the circular economy - By selling your iPad to us, we're helping to put technology back into the market, meaning other people can purchase and take advantage of using your iPad. Good for you, good for everyone.
  • We Make it so easy - Our 30 second quote and easy checkout make selling your iPad so simple. Don't delay and sell your iPad today!

We know that iPads get a lot of use and as a result not all of them will be in perfect condition. You'll be amazed at what your iPad could be worth. Even if this is smashed or has heavy scrathes, there's still value in your old tablet. Find your model using our simple search and select 'Faulty' from the condition section to see how much you could get for your broken iPad.

We only ask that you don't sell us an iPad that doesn't power on or is completely destroyed. 

We do our very best to offer the highest possible prices for your old iPad. Remember, the quicker you send your iPad to us, the quicker you'll get paid, so don't delay and send your iPad back to us now. Take a look at the iPad models below to get a no-obligation quote:

Here's a few things we recommend you do before sending your iPad back to us:

  1. Do a factory reset on your iPad to ensure all of the data and pictures are removed - Don't worry if you forget to do this, we'll use our certified data wipe technology to do this for you.
  2. Remove the iPad from iCloud
  3. Give your tablet a good clean and package up safely ready to ship back to us

We're committed to refurbishing as many iPads as possible and putting these back into circulation. Once an iPad is purchased, we put this through a full process of cleaning, enhancing and polishing the device before this is re-listed on various platforms to be sold back to customers.

Why don't you take a look at our refurbished website where you can buy tech at a fraction of the cost of a new device

You can sell a variety of iPads to us and we aim to provide a competitive price. Use our handy search to find the iPad you wish to sell, or see our most popolur iPads below:


*In peak times, it may take up to 48hours to test your device after it has been received by us. We’ll usually process payment to you on the same day we satisfactorily test your device. Same day payments do not apply to orders tested after 2pm and in events which are out of our control. Payment processing depends on third parties and is out of our control. We will not be liable for any third party action or inaction which results in a delay of payment.

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