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Sell my iPad Air

Sell my iPad Air

Getting the best price for your iPad Air

See how much money you can get for your old iPad Air by selling to

Recycle your iPad Air for extra cash

Did you know that you can earn extra money by selling your iPad Air with

We make it so easy to trade-in a Tablet that thousands of customers have already done so and have had a great experience.

All you need to do is choose your iPad Air, provide a few simple details and we'll give you a price that we'll guarantee for 14 days. Just send it back to us for free and wait for the money to land in your bank account...It's that simple. 

Even iPad Air can lose value over time  

When you think about getting extra cah to put towards a new mobile phone or to pay off that outstanding credit card debt, you don't relalise that there's a huge amount of value in your iPad Air.

If you've found that you're not using your iPad Air as much as you used to, make sure you get a valuation today. the price you can get for trading in your old Apple iPad could go down every month without warning, so get a quote today and don't miss out!

Questions about selling my iPad Air

Looking to sell your iPad Air? You’ve come to the right place! There are lots of great reasons to sell your iPad to Our prices are guaranteed and updated daily to ensure you always get the best deal. There are no hidden fees and sending your tablet to us is FREE!

The value that you can get for your iPad Air will depend on a number of things. First of all the storage capacity of the tablet, secondly whether the iPad is Wi-Fi only or if this has cellular connectivity, and finally, what condition the device is in. We offer 3 different prices for Good, Average and Faulty.

No matter what condition your iPad Air is in, we can offer you a quote for your device. Just make sure that this powers on and isn't totally destroyed.

We've made it so simple to trade your iPad Air in with Webuyanyphone. You just need to follow these easy steps to make extra money:

  1. Find your iPad Air on the website using our search or from the models above
  2. Tell us a few details about your Tablet including the storage, connectivity and condition
  3. Get a quote for your iPad Air and we'll guarantee your price for 14 days
  4. Securely package up your iPad Air (using bubble wrap ideally), making sure you've remove the iPad from iCloud and done a factory reset
  5. Send it off to us and wait for us to make payment

It’s a great idea to sell your iPad Air to us for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • It's good for the planet - A huge amount of Technology ends up as technological pollution. You can do your bit by making sure iPads don't make it into landfills and live another life.
  • It's a good way to de-clutter your home - When old or unwanted iPads aren't being used any longer they usually end up in a drawer or the back of a cupboard somewhere. You can have a good clear out and free up that all important storage space in the home.
  • You'll get extra cash to spend - Instead of your iPad Air losing value every month, you can sell today and generate some much needed funds to help pay a bill or put cash towards a new iPad

*In peak times, it may take up to 48hours to test your device after it has been received by us. We’ll usually process payment to you on the same day we satisfactorily test your device. Same day payments do not apply to orders tested after 2pm and in events which are out of our control. Payment processing depends on third parties and is out of our control. We will not be liable for any third party action or inaction which results in a delay of payment.

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