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Testing & grading

When selling your phone you want to ensure that you're getting a fair evaluation of the device. That's why we use PhoneCheck, an industry leading software provider that does two things:

They provide a full diagnostic test which will check the phones hardware and software to identify if there's any problems or issues. This ensures that every customer goes through the same process.
The software performs a full certified data wipe and erasure, ensuring that your device is cleared of any photos & data.
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Our technicians will fully assess your mobile phone and grade the condition of your device to either 'Good', 'Pretty Good', 'Average' or 'Faulty' against what you sold this phone when you completed the trade-in.

Don't worry if your phone is broken or damaged as we'll still offer you a value.

phonecheck certificate


No cracks, chips, bends or dents on the device whatsoever. No visible scratches to the screen, rear housing and bezels. It powers on and functions as new.

Pretty Good

It may have tiny imperfections invisible to the naked eye (even if it's been kept in a phone case with a screen protector). No cracks or bends. It powers on and functions as new.


Visible signs of wear and tear, such as small scratches. No cracks, bends or chips. It powers on and functions as new.


Either heavy wear and tear, or one or more faults in functionality such as Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Buttons, Touch ID, Face ID, Speakers, etc. Device must still power on (we can't accept a device with no power/display)


If your battery health is below 85%, we can still pay you the working price, but may need to deduct a small value to replace the battery.


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