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How to Sell Your Phone?

We look forward to making your selling experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. Search for Your Device, Answer the Questions, Complete Your Order, Send Your Device, Await Your Payment!

Can you price match?

Our prices are guaranteed for 14 days from the day you place your order. They are updated daily to ensure you always get the best deal. Unfortunately, we cannot price match.

Can I still send my device - it has gone over the 14 days.

Of course you can, however, your price will not be guaranteed. however your price will not necessarily be the one that was guaranteed when you checked out. The price you are offered (after testing)...

You've told me to send my phone within 5 days however, I am not going to be able to do this, is this okay?

Of course, your price is guaranteed for 14 days. The quicker you get your device to us, the faster we can get it tested and get the money into your account.

I've completed my Trade In and not added the voucher/discount code, can you please add this.

Unfortunately, once your Trade In has been completed, we cannot add any vouchers/discount codes to it.

How does the price guarantee work and how long does it last?

Once we've provided you with a price for your device, we guarantee it for 14 days. giving you plenty of time to get your device to us. As long as we receive your device within 14 days, and when tes...

My device was worth more last month – why?

The value of each make and model of tech device can change on a daily basis. Second hand tech is a fast paced marketplace and the prices that we offer are based on the demand for each device.

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