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Packaging Your Device gives you more ways to transport your tech. Choose from:

Package your device and take it to the Post Office using an emailed QR code

Print your own label

Request a Freepost pack

Carefully package up your device(s) and follow the instructions in your welcome email.

phones being packed

Include your order number when using other postage methods

If you choose to use your own postage method to send your device to us, you must include your order number. Otherwise, we won't know whose device it is and we won't be able to pay you!

How do I send a large number of devices to you?

Multiple devices can be arranged to be collected, for free, by DPD. To arrange collection contact the Customer Service team here.

Do you want the accessories and box?

If you're sending a phone or tablet, no, thank you. Please don't send chargers/leads, headphones, any other accessories or the original box. If these are sent, we won't be able to return them.

How many devices can I send at one time?

You can send as many devices as you like. In fact, the more, the merrier! If you're a business customer with a larger quantity of devices, email us at to arrange free secure collection.

How do I get another Freepost pack?

Please email our customer service team at to request another Freepost pack.


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