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Requesting a new digital label

To request a new digital label for your device, log into your account here.

Once requested in your account section, we'll email you a digital label. Package the device you're selling, take to the Post Office and show them the digital label on your phone.

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How to send your device using your new digital label


Prep it by signing out of iCloud, Google or Samsung

We cannot accept any devices that still have these accounts on them. Next, reset the device to factory settings. For help on how to do this, go to our support page


Pack it carefully

We must receive it in the same condition you sent it in. We suggest using bubble wrap and/or its original box. You don't need to include any chargers, headphones or other accessories. Here are some tips on the best way to pack your device.


Post it using any Post Office

Simply show your digital label. They will then attach a label to the package for you. Your device is insured up to £150 on it's journey to us.

If you would like to insure your device for more than £150, we recommend sending it Special Delivery.

We've already sent your tracking link within the first text message you received from us. Please do not use a Post Box. The price is only valid for 14 days so send it as soon as possible.


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