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Using the Freepost Label

Using the Physical to send your device to us couldn't be easier. Watch this short video to find out how.

Prepare your device by removing any iCloud, Google or Samsung accounts, before resetting it to factory settings.

Pack your device carefully to protect it on its way to us. We suggest using bubble-wrap or its original box if you have it. You do not need to include any accessories such as earphones or chargers.

Once you receive the freepost label, take it out of the envelope, place the packed device into the envelope then attach the label to the front. All you need to do now is take it to any Post Office and send it for free. Please do not use a Post Box.

Your device will be insured for up to £150 on its journey to us as standard, but you can pay extra at the Post Office for a method with more insurance cover if you choose to.

If your device is as described when we receive and test it, you’ll be paid within 1 working day


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