More about blacklisted phones and tablets

A blacklisted phone or tablet means the device is listed (on the GSMA international register) as lost or stolen and so, by law, must retain your device for up to 28 days.

During this period, you can apply to your mobile network (or finance provider if purchasing on credit) to have the device removed from the blacklist. Once it’s removed, you can continue with the sale of the device to

If the device cannot be removed from the register, we are obliged by law to retain the device and inform the Police.

How does blacklisting work?

We use MobiCHECK® diagnostics device check software that provides instant access to an extensive data ecosystem to help us avoid buying stolen mobile phones. Combining live data from four key sources, including; Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Recyclers and Mobile Networks, MobiCHECK® is an instant due-diligence solution that provides assurance that the phones we purchase have been comprehensively checked and authenticated.

Any device that connects to a mobile network can be blacklisted when it’s lost or stolen. All such devices have a unique identification code (IMEI) that allows the networks to identify them (when SIM-enabled and powered on) and if necessary, permanently disable them.

A blackilisted device cannot be returned to you. It has no value and therefore you will receive no payment. If the device cannot be removed from the register we MUST destroy the device.


*Subject to the Quality Assessment Tech Team completing all checks before 2pm, and you accepting any changes if needed. Please also allow up to 48 hours for your device to be processed when delivered.

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